phone cases that you can customize

phone cases that you can customize


phone cases that you can customize

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phone cases that you can customize

  • Sports pillows are available 4 different sizes.
  • Sports pillow is made from polyester & cotton.
  • Create your own pillow Square design with photos and text.
  • You can add your photos from mobile or social media.
  • Ready to use.

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Pillow Size

12" x 12", 16" x 16", 20" x 20", 24" x 24"

Backside Option

White, Black, JuJu Smith

phone cases that you can customize

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Looks good need to be a little more shiny
Perfect size for my son. Just as described. Easy transaction and fast delivery.
As of right now I really enjoy this wallet. I use it in my front pocket. It is pretty much everything I was looking for. Great quality.
Like Sunclouds, but I could do with less scroll work. These could be more unisex if you would drop the flowers
I am very pleased with this wallet. It's exactly like the pictures and description. The wallet is of high quality and shows high craftsmanship in its making. I also very much appreciated the handwritten note from the owner; a truly class act.
Very comfortable socks! Ive already ordered 3 more pairs!!
Awesome shirts, Ive ordered again since my first purchase. Casual wear or a good work shirt. Im 61 185lbs and an XL is good on me. I do prefer my shirts to be a tad bit big vs being too snug or small. Comfy material, solid fit. Highly recommend!
Grandsons loved these
i use to like these t-shirts untell they went to 100% cotton. I use to wear a xL tall but now wear a 2xL tall. They use to last 6 months before they shrink too much but now since there 100% cotton they last about 1 month before they shrink too much to wear. The photo i uploaded shows a 2x Tall washed about a month over a 2x Tall new, you can see there is a good 3 inches shrunk,and i wash in cold and hang dry my T-shirts also so its not the dryer shrinking them.i dont know why they advertise preshrunk becouse clearly they are not. You might as well just by hanes normal T's at wal mart and save the money because there about the same size after a couple of washes. Right now im trying jerzees white tees, but if any one knows of a good plain white tee that isnt 100% cotton please respond or write a review because hanes beefy T is just an over priced hanes normal T ever since they went to 100% cotton.
Excelente producto. Buena calidad y precio
I am not a sun glasses person but I am using this product everyday, very happy with the purchase fits perfectly and the model is a classic.
Very lightweight. Read: Cheap. The advertising pictures show the color in the best light. Nothing purple about the Purple Sunset for instance. I would shy away unless these are your back up's back up sunglasses. $10 convenience store glasses are of similar quality. Also note that if you like a darker lens, these are not for you. I bought them because they help to feed those in need. I will make a donation to my local food bank in exchange.
Fits very nicely, and comfortable.
The socks are very good! I will buy them again for sure !
Amazing! Amazing! Amazing...Except for one disastrous flaw. The leather strap is a closed loop, meaning you cannot snap and unsnap it. It is permanently riveted closed. Being able to remove the entire clip from my belt without having to take off my belt is essential to the functionality of my day-to-day routine. When I come home, I like to place all my keys on a key hook by my front door for a few reasons: A: They're openly accessible to other family members. If I'm upstairs and my wife needs to access the shed in our drive way or get something from out of the car, she can easily grab the keys off the door hook rather than hunting me down. B: I don't like wearing keys around the house because sometimes, wearing my keys feels like I'm at work and I don't want to have that feeling when I'm at home. C: Why would you put ANY of your keys on the second key ring??? In order to access those keys, you would have to unlatch your belt, pull the belt through one or two belt loops, slide the belt clip out, slide your belt back on, re-latch the belt, use your key, unlatch your belt again, pull the belt through one or two belt loops again, slide the belt clip back on, slide your belt back through your belt loops, and finally re-re-latch your belt...Dang-it! Did I forget to lock the back gate? SIGH, repeat the whole process over again. Now, you could just undo your belt and use your key while your belt is undone but if you were in a public setting or at work, you would be at risk of looking like a sick pervert. You shouldn't have to remove your belt in order to take this clip off. If the rivet was a snap button, then this item would have easily received 5 stars. Easily. I challenge the makers of this clip to re-design it so that the rivet is a snap-able button. I would even pay extra for that! If you can deliver me that version of this product, I will delete this review and re-post the most dazzling 5 star review ever! Let's make this happen!

Now, if that doesn't bother you, then everything else about this belt clip is outstanding.
Socks were extremely comfortable and quality for the price was excellent.
Strap comes lose sometimes
Muy bueno! No molesta en los bolsillos.
Fits a big head of hair
Nice and elegant,as like in description.
Quality Of the fabric is bad ;( size is smaller too.
I traveled to Australia with this bag. It did wonderfully. I always felt like my stuff was secure and organized. The little flashlight inside is a fantastic feature--one I never realized I needed. For me it was just the right size. Holds all the essentials plus a few extras. I got the cranberry color, and I like it. The tone works well with almost anything. Excellent purchase.
Great fit and at an affordable price. Much better than other brands I've just purchased.
Product rattles and is noisy.
Great quality! I like it
They are very tight!!
It's not a good material
Lenses are very clear, and really reduce glare. Love the way the bring out colors. Had to make a small adjustment to the nose piece, then fit great.
These are very well made hoop earrings. I was just trying to buy a bunch of diff sizes to keep around the house but these are well made and sturdy earrings!
Superb manufacturing qualities with profound sense of long-term wear and tear!