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Blown away how amazing these are.
Great fit. Nice fabric. Great price. Good quality.
Comfortable, and serves it purpose while being cost friendly.
I love the quality of the leather and all the slots for cards! This is a great value for the price. I love my new wallet! Very happy!
This was one of the few things my son asked for for Christmas. He loved it!
So soft
Excellent quality and craftsmanship. Finally found a belt that is going to last a long time.
Not going to lie but these are kind of a save for me ! I’ve been on the hunt for a comfortable pair of underwear for the last year and finally these fit the bill !!!
Needed something for convenient carry/access to various gate access and ID cards. Security and loss prevention were important too but a conventional truckers wallet was overdoing it. This little wallet with its chain attachment is perfect for my needs.
The pullover is great fits good and soft
My son loves these but way too expensive. He wanted more but price is too high for only 1 pair
They fit exactly how I expected them to fit. I made the mistake of buying a "relaxed fit" pair, and they were almost skinny jeans on me. "Loose fit" is a must if you like the baggier feel in the legs. I have no complaints with these pants. I will buy these frequently as a good "all around" jean.
Wow this face scarf is so soft and is perfect for covering. It is very durable. I would definitely recommend this product and this seller. Product was delivered quickly and on time
There is nothing I dislike. Great quality for the price. Durable and roomy.
The title and description both say this item will hold up to 14 keys. The packaging says it only holds 8 keys and only comes with 1 set of screws.
Very nice
Fits 2 sizes too small. Sizes even vary in the same pack. I wear an XL so I bought a 2XL and it is too tight all over. If you have shoulders forget about it. They fell apart within 2 months of wear. Terrible.
Loved them ,fitted great and materials are very good quality.
I ordered Big & Tall to have more stretch over my calves but the are extremely tight and cut-off some circulation.
Good value
Medium weight fabric. Pretty soft. Great color. The tall is really a tall. Plenty of extra length.
I have 7 granddaughters but I got these for the 4 littles....they were so excited.
When this bag arrived brand new, it was very pretty. But caveat emptor - you get what you pay for. Within 3-4 months of use, the fake leather started peeling all over, especially around the handles. Within a few more weeks, more holes started to appear in the main body of the bag. I had to throw it out because it was so embarrassing to walk around town with a shabby-looking bag. If you're looking for something short-term, then this could work for you. But if you're looking for something that would last for years, this bag is not it.
I have been an adoring fan for chokers for as long as I can recall. I also love items with chains, spikes, studs, and straps, and those things will simply catch my eye much for quickly than the typical adornments. I am in no way goth, but I do appreciate some aspects of the style. That being said, I don't see this as only a goth accessory, rather I see it as an something potentially lovely to wear that compliments an individual's style. I can also see it as a nice, though not locking, day collar. Either way, I was excited for the opportunity to give this choker a try at a reduced price for my sincere opinion. I am not a petite person, so I was a little curious of the fit, but when I got it home, it fit perfectly with a few options on tightness left. The strap is nice, and fit comfortably around my neck, and the color of the chains gave it an even more unique appearance. I left it on for some time to ensure that I wouldn't have any issues with the metal against my skin, and notice no issues at all when I removed it. I also received a few compliments on it while out as well. The one thing I wasn't really expecting was that brought this to a 4 star for me was primarily the heart pendant was pretty much one sided. I do fully understand that it will only be facing one way, and for some that won't matter, but for me I know friends/family will be curious and want to touch it and check it out fully. That being said, I only wish it was a full heart, but despite that, it is certainly a fun compliment to whatever look you are going for. A good buy.
I like the hat. Just wished it had not come crushed and now have wrinkles on both sides of the crown.
Unfortunately I had to return them because they were too big for my face and they didn't look that good on me. Thanks
I love how it came with a little black bag and a little thank you card. It is a very beautiful ankle bracelet and I bought this as a gift to myself. It has a heart with the letter B on it, but you can put what you like to have on your own. It's a very beautiful piece and I would recommend this to my family and friends.
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